Hormone Therapy - bioidentical hormones

Many women and men suffer from low hormone levels as they age.  When a woman has a tubal ligation, partial hysterectomy or complete hysterectomy, her hormone levels decrease.  This can cause hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, and mood changes.  In addition, women can have hormonal imbalances due to ovarian cysts, adrenal fatigue, genetics and other chronic issues.

Men experience hormone decline as well which can cause fatigue, abdominal weight gain, decreased exercise endurance, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, and general grumpy old man-ness.

Hormone replacement can be done in several ways.  I prefer bioidentical hormone replacement.  This is raising low hormone levels by using bioidentical hormone therapy. What are bioidentical hormones? Hormones with the same exact molecular structure as human hormones.  In addition, it is hormones given in the exact dose a person needs.  In order to figure out the dose needed, testing is first performed and hormones measured.

I test hormones with a saliva test.  A male or female hormone panel is $110.  To get more information on the state of your health, especially if fatigue, insomnia or weight gain are issues, I like to add in a few more tests to check adrenal health, insulin levels, and more.  This test is $225 for the hormones, adrenals, and other add-ons.

There is no reason to live with low hormone levels. Call the office today to set up an appointment!

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