Sorry but I do not offer midwifery, PAPs or gynecological exams, prescription pain medication, prescription sleep medication, prescription ADD medication, or medical marijuana.  Some of these are off the formulary for Naturopathic Doctors or require special certification.

  • NAET allergy treatments

  • ​lyme disease treatment using energetic  and accupressure techniques
  • bioidentical hormone therapy for women and men
  • preventative exams/Primary Care services
  • ongoing natural care for chronic conditions
  • allergy testing
  • ​muscle testing
  • laboratory test ordering
  • well child visits
  • immunization waiver forms
  • ​sports physicals for youths
  • vitamins/herbs/homeopathy
  • ​dietary counsel

Here in the Northwest, naturopathic physicians are considered primary care doctors.  Naturopathic physicians can order tests, do yearly preventative exams, diagnose and treat disease, and prescribe most medications, in addition to finding you the most natural solutions to your health problems.

Naturopathic services include but are not limited to:

Clinic services